Transform Your Arms

Skin naturally loses its elasticity over time, and muscles lose their tone. An arm lift, also called a brachioplasty, sculpts the upper arms into a natural, fit look and removes unwanted skin. The Brachioplasty is designed to correct sagging upper arms, or ‘bat wings,’ that occur from aging or major weight loss. Sometimes an arm lift is performed in conjunction with liposuction if there is excessive fatty tissue in the area.

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What To Expect During A Brachioplasty

The procedure is performed in the accredited operating room in the office.  The location and length of the incision depend on the extent of excess skin and degree of contouring that is needed.  A variety of adjunctive techniques are used to keep the incisions as short as possible.  

Dr. Bass then contours the arms according to the patient’s existing musculature to achieve the most natural result possible. Surplus skin is removed; fat is eliminated at this time as well if the patient requires liposuction. Dr. Bass employs advanced techniques to curb bruising and swelling and reduce discomfort after the procedure.

Your Arm Lift Recovery Process At A Glance

After the procedure, the patient remains under observation for an hour. Then, a relative, friend, or medical aide helps them return home that same day. Some bruising and swelling are normal during the first week or two.  After a few days, most patients are able to return to their desk jobs and light social activities. 

Dr. Bass employs various treatments and techniques to minimize the appearance of the incision once healed.  Exercise is resumed in a graded fashion starting at two weeks after surgery.  Dr. Bass will create a personalized healing plan for each patient, as well as conduct periodic follow-up visits to ensure the recovery process is progressing well. 

Lift Your Confidence: Results That Transform Your Self-Esteem

After an arm lift, patients enjoy slender, beautiful arms that make the entire body look slimmer and younger. Patients often possess a renewed confidence while wearing swimwear and sleeveless outfits. Brachioplasties often make exercising a more pleasant experience as well because the reduced skin doesn’t cause friction or discomfort during workouts.

Results will last long term as long as the patient maintains a stable weight, follows a healthy diet, and exercises regularly. However it is important to note that skin laxity is inevitable, and will continue to increase with time. Dr. Bass believes a comprehensive, three-sixty approach is the only way to sustain great results from aesthetic plastic surgery. For this reason, he offers full-suite beauty plans that include energy treatments designed to keep skin laxity to a minimum in the years to come after the procedure.

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The Benefits Of A Brachioplasty

If your upper arms have excessive skin folds and loose muscle tone despite diet and exercise, an arm lift may have a transformative effect on your body. Significant weight loss often results in an abundance of loose skin in the upper arms, and is a common reason people pursue arm lifts. 

An arm lift is well-suited to those who desire a more youthful overall appearance. It allows a greater sense of self-assuredness and comfort in social settings, and grants people the freedom to wear warm-weather clothing without embarrassment. There are innumerable benefits to brachioplasty, and most patients who undergo the procedure wish they had done so sooner.  

Why Dr. Bass?

Thanks to over twenty-five years of performing body sculpting cosmetic procedures, Dr. Bass has obtained a level of experience and discernment that only the most seasoned plastic surgeons have. He has a deep knowledge of the array of techniques and aesthetic solutions available, and the insight required to recommend which procedure, or combination of procedures, will help you look your best long term. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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