A Brighter Appearance

Some people develop heavy brows, a sagging forehead, and pronounced frown lines as they age. Unfortunately these facial changes can make them look upset, fatigued, or stressed. Luckily, regaining a pleasing, youthful appearance is possible with the corrective procedure known as the brow lift.

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What Does A Brow Lift Do?

A brow lift helps to smooth and raise the forehead by tightening and lifting the underlying musculature of the eyebrow. The brow position is elevated to open up the eye area; in some cases, subtle shaping is performed. A brow lift often accompanies a facelift or blepharoplasty. The specific approach Dr. Bass utilizes depends on the anatomic findings and aesthetic goals. The most common are the endoscopic brow lift, the direct brow lift, and the lateral brow lift.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Sometimes called the endobrow lift. This approach relies on using an endoscope (long fiberoptic tube with a light and tiny camera). Incisions are made behind the hairline and are minimal. The endoscopic brow lift is ideal for mild to moderate wrinkles and central eyebrow ptosis or drooping. 

Direct Brow Lift

In a direct brow lift, the upper eyelid blepharoplasty incision is used to allow a direct release and repositioning of the eyebrows. This option is ideal for men with receding hairlines. 

Lateral Brow Lift

Also referred to as a temporal brow lift. This type of brow lift focuses exclusively on elevating the temple area and lateral brow. Lateral brow lifts are often combined with upper eyelid surgery. 

What Happens During The Surgery?

An efficient and common procedure, the surgery takes place in our clinic’s state-of-the-art operating rooms and usually takes approximately one hour to complete.  

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery varies according to the type of brow lift performed. Dr. Bass will formulate a specific recovery plan with appropriate benchmarks and timelines for each patient. For most brow lifts, patients should expect to take one week off work. Patients should avoid exercise, heavy lifting, bending, or straining for the first two weeks.

Swelling and bruising are to be expected, but this will subside after a week or two. Dr. Bass recommends that patients sleep upright with their heads propped up. Cold compresses are suggested to minimize bruising and swelling. The helpful team at Bass Plastic Surgery will schedule clinic visits so Dr. Bass can monitor the healing process.

Turn Back Time To Reveal An Approachable, Youthful Look

Dr. Bass’ goal is to make each patient look like the best version of themselves. After a brow lift, the face will look younger and brighter. Lifting the brow often gives the face a friendly, pleasing countenance. As with all procedures at Bass Plastic Surgery, enhancements are subtle and natural-looking. The results of a brow-lift will last for years. 

Is A Brow Lift Right For Me?

If you feel that your brow has drifted lower as you’ve aged or are unhappy with the appearance of forehead lines, it may be time to consider a brow lift. In some instances, genetics rather than age are to blame for an unbalanced brow; this can be corrected with a brow lift. 

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Advanced Methods And Impeccable Service

A great surgeon will be a partner who listens carefully to your needs. They will be honest about the results you can expect and advise you on which procedures would work best for you. They should also have a wide breadth of knowledge about alternative solutions.

At Bass Plastic Surgery, every member of the staff provides uncompromising care. Dr. Bass integrates the most advanced methods with world-class expertise. He constructs a comprehensive beauty roadmap for each patient to ensure they can maintain and enjoy a young, refreshed appearance long term. 

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