Reclaim A Youthful Glow

As people age, the elasticity and youthful glow of one’s skin inevitably decreases. Issues like skin wrinkles, roughness, sun spots, and uneven pigmentation – amplified  by excessive sun exposure and smoking - are not correctable with a facelift. When part of a comprehensive beauty plan, chemical peels are a great way to restore skin to a higher quality and maintain a younger appearance.

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Chemical Peels Explained

Chemical peels are medical-grade chemical solutions that are applied topically to the skin. Depending on the peel selected, they remove the damaged top layers of either the epidermis or the epidermis and dermis, allowing new layers to grow back smoother and free of blemishes and uneven pigmentation. Chemical peels improve the texture, clarity, and tone of the skin. Epidermal peels are typically performed as a series and dermal peels as a single recovery based treatment.

Uncompromising Quality, Exceptional Products

At Bass Plastic Surgery, we utilize a variety of chemical peels tailored to the needs of individual patients.  A TCA, or trichloroacetic acid chemical peel, is one of medium intensity, designed to target uneven skin coloration, sun damage, acne scarring, dehydrated skin, and fine wrinkles. TCA peels smooth and tighten the skin in subtle ways. One benefit of TCA peels is that the exact formula can be customized based on the patient’s specific needs.

A Chemical Peel With Dr. Bass

The first step is a careful cleaning of the face to remove any creams, makeup, or environmental residue on the skin’s surface. Then, the chemical solution is applied topically to the face or neck or both. Usually, epidermal chemical peels are applied in a series of three to four monthly treatments. Medium or deep peels are typically single treatments.  A hot or prickly sensation is experienced which typically fades over 15 to 20 minutes.  

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Recovery And Results

There is little downtime with most mild and moderate chemical peels. It is normal to experience redness and a little skin peeling for a few days up to a week afterward. Dr. Bass will give each patient a detailed aftercare plan specific to the type and depth of peel performed.  

Patients will have noticeably clearer skin, and longstanding blemishes will start to fade with repeated treatments. Results last from several months for the lightest peels to several years or longer for deep peels.

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Why Dr. Bass?

Dr. Bass has been a leader in investigating and integrating new, cutting-edge skin resurfacing modalities for wrinkle reduction and skin quality spanning his entire career.  This is the critical partner to skin laxity reduction through facelifting and other surgical procedures to provide global facial rejuvenation.  Chemical peels are but a facet of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation program.

Dr. Bass is a full-spectrum aesthetic plastic surgeon with high-caliber training and decades of experience. He can recommend a range of services, including chemical peels, that are specially tailored to keep you in your best form. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation today.

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