What Is A Breast Revision?

During a breast revision, Dr. Bass removes or replaces existing implants and corrects any complications caused by the primary breast augmentation. Patients who have undergone breast augmentations years ago may have entered a different stage of life and now wish for breasts of a different size. Others experience adverse health effects and need to have their implants removed.

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What Is A Breast Revision For?

First breast augmentations may not always yield optimal results and require a revision.  Some patients simply want a different implant size or wish to take out their implants completely. Breast revision surgery can also be a corrective procedure that addresses issues like the following:

  • augmented breasts that appear unnatural
  • symmastia, when implant pockets merge to create a "uni-boob"
  • pain or discomfort due to implants
  • asymmetrical breasts or nipples
  • breast rippling
  • capsular contracture

Capsular Contracture

With the placement of any breast implant, the body forms a capsule surrounding the implant. If the capsule thickens or tightens, breast shape can be distorted or discomfort can result. A ruptured breast implant is one of the causes of capsular contracture.  In cases of capsular contracture, the edge of the capsule may be released to re-tailor the shape of the implant pocket in a procedure called a capsulotomy, or part or all of the capsule may be removed in a process called a capsulectomy. If desired, new implants are then inserted. 

Is A Breast Revision Right For Me?

If you are unhappy with existing implants, you are a candidate for a breast revision procedure. 
During your consultation, Dr. Bass will listen closely to your goals and review your medical history. Once he has gathered the pertinent information, he determines if a breast revision is right for you. 

What Is The Procedure Like?

Since every patient’s body is unique, each breast revision is different. Implants are removed and incision or removal of the breast capsule and tailoring of the pocket is performed as needed.  If patients are receiving a new set of implants, those are inserted. If the patient elects to return to their natural breast size, then a breast lift may be performed, allowing removal of excess skin.

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What Is Recovery Like?

Immediately following the surgery, patients remain under observation in the clinic for an hour. Then a relative, friend, or medical aide helps the patient return home. This person should be available to the patient throughout the night as needed. Discomfort, bruising, and swelling are normal.

Bruising and swelling should subside in about a week, and pain is managed with prescription medication during the early stages of recovery. After about a week, patients can resume light desk work and a reduced amount of socializing. Dr. Bass schedules multiple follow-up appointments to monitor each patient’s progress.

Experience And A Custom Approach

Dr. Bass oversees all components of his patient’s aesthetic treatments - surgical or otherwise. His comprehensive approach ensures that patients look as natural as possible, and are equipped with a customized plan to maintain their youthful look long term. Dr. Bass is a premier plastic surgeon who has been instrumental in testing and developing many techniques in practice by top-tier plastic surgeons today. 

Dr. Bass has helmed a successful practice in New York for nearly three decades. Before that, he received a first-rate education at Cornell University, Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, and NYU Langone Health, an acclaimed academic medical center. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation today.

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