The New Standard In Non-Invasive Body Treatment

Surgery is not an ideal solution for every patient. Thankfully, there have been significant advancements in the field of non-surgical cosmetic procedures over the past two decades. Dr. Bass, who has been an active driver of the progress of non-invasive body sculpting, considers Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves a standout in the field. Sentient Sculpt, known as Onda Coolwaves in Europe, has been popular for the past few years. Bass Plastic Surgery is one of only a few in the United States to offer this advanced technology.

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The Beauty Of Sentient Sculpt Technology

Sentient Sculpt (Onda Coolwaves) is a non-surgical tool for reducing the appearance  of cellulite as well as smoothing skin. At the same time, it is also a valuable tool for contouring localized fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, and hips. Completely non-invasive, Sentient Sculpt utilizes 2.45 GHz electromagnetic energy to target and eradicate fat and cellulite. 

Best of all, the transformation has longevity and significance, because Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves also stimulates collagenesis, or the production of new collagen. Increased collagen helps prevent the resurgence of the undesirable ‘orange peel’ or dimpling effect that some people experience on the backs of their thighs. Most patients require a series of sessions. Dr. Bass assesses the patient’s body and aesthetic goals when determining the appropriate number of visits.

What To Expect In A Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves Session

During a Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves session, a handpiece that emits energy is held against the skin and moved in a circular motion for a duration of approximately ten minutes in each target area. The energy released generates heat beneath the surface of the skin that breaks down fat (which is then metabolized by the body), stimulates the growth of new collagen, and remodels fibrous septa.  A noticeable sensation of heating is experienced during the treatment.

Candidates for Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves are those frustrated by stubborn fat deposits that persist despite dieting and exercise and those with unsightly cellulite. Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves is exceptionally safe and as such, is appropriate for nearly all skin types. 
Patients who experience skin laxity may also benefit from this procedure, depending on the degree of tightening needed. It is important to note that Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves is not meant for weight loss, and recommended only for patients who maintain a consistent, healthy weight.

Interrupt Fat Cells, Not Your Life Or Schedule 

There is no discomfort or downtime after a treatment with Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves, and patients can seamlessly go back to their scheduled activities afterward. Because Sentient Sculpt/Onda Coolwaves works subdermally, there is no redness either.

What Kind Of Results Should One Expect?

Results appear gradually as fat is removed and tissues remodel.  Most patients who are good candidates will have three to four treatments separated by three weeks to a month each time.   Patients report a visible reduction of cellulite and a smoothing of loose skin. 

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Dr. Bass Blends Experience And Innovation

Dr. Bass is extremely well-versed in non-invasive aesthetic procedures because he has dedicated a significant part of his career to both innovating and vetting new techniques. His breadth of knowledge is unparalleled and allows him to carefully discern which course of treatment is right for each patient. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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