The World’s Most Popular Cosmetic Treatment For A Reason: It Simply Works

Initially developed to treat muscle spasm disorders, BOTOX® Cosmetic is now the number one aesthetic treatment in the nation because it effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and has no downtime.  It’s the ideal way to look refreshed, naturally rested and glowing: all without changing your appearance.  

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An Effective Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Prevention & Rejuvenation

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a synthetic injectable that works by blocking nerve signals, allowing muscles in the face to relax. It is medically known as a neuromodulator, and was the first FDA-approved product of its kind for aesthetic use.  Initially designed to treat the 'elevens,' or the vertical lines between the brows, it is now used to correct a wide range of dynamic folds and wrinkles. There are now other FDA-approved neuromodulators, including Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau and most recently Daxxify.

How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work?

In the simplest terms, Botox temporarily relaxes muscles, preventing nerves from releasing the chemical signals that stimulate the muscle to contract. Softening muscle contraction reduces the amount of skin wrinkling in dynamic areas –the wrinkles formed as we talk and animate our faces.  Taking resting tension out of the muscles helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even in the absence of expressions or conscious muscle movement in the face.  

Dynamic wrinkles are those stubborn lines caused by repeated motion, like crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, and bunny lines. Neuromodulators are well-suited to correct dynamic wrinkles because they release the tension of the muscles that create them. Fixed wrinkles, usually caused by loss of collagen and sun damage in the skin itself, are best treated with energy-based treatments like laser peels, chemical peels and in some cases dermal fillers.

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So Much More Than Wrinkles: Alternate Uses For BOTOX® Cosmetic 

BOTOX® Cosmetic is constantly being approved for more and varied indications. For those who suffer from chronic migraines and excessive sweating, Botox can provide relief. When administered by an expert, Botox can be used for a variety of off-label (not specifically approved by the FDA) indications to correct 'gummy' smiles, lipstick bleed lines, vertical muscle banding in the neck and marionette lines.  The jawline can be contoured to reduce the width of the face at the back of the jaw.  

Seamless & Stunning: Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment Explained 

Botox is a non-surgical, exam room treatment that is completed in minutes.  By selecting the exact anatomic location to place the medicine along with the correct amount, Dr. Bass can minimize wrinkles at rest and during normal facial expressions while preserving a natural look.  Multiple small injections are made to target the necessary muscles.  Patients should expect to feel a mild burning sensation or a pinprick when the needle is inserted. An anesthetic gel is typically applied to the target area before the treatment to minimize discomfort, although some patients feel that is unnecessary. 

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What To Expect After Your BOTOX® Injections in NYC

You can return to work and social activities immediately after a session, although sports should be avoided for four hours. Patients should also avoid bending or lifting during that time. Minimal swelling or redness is normal and typically lasts only a few hours.

Subtle, Natural Results

A Botox treatment should never leave a patient's face looking frozen or mask-like. When used correctly, Botox in NYC keeps a patient looking like a well-rested version of themselves. Results start to show several days after treatment, though it takes a week for muscles to fully relax. Results last for up to six months, although this varies from individual to individual. 

Candidates For BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® injections in NYC & Great Neck are ideal for individuals at all stages of aging who wish to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Those wishing to reduce the appearance of the following should consider BOTOX® Cosmetic:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines or 11’s (vertical lines between the eyebrows)
  • Crow's feet
  • Bunny lines (lines at the sides of the nose when smiling)
  • Marionette lines
  • Slimming the back of the jawline
  • Platysma bands (vertical bands in the neck)
  • Lipstick bleed lines
  • Lip flip
  • Nefertiti lift of lower face/upper neck
  • Laugh lines

Dr. Bass has an expansive knowledge of the existing treatments for full-scale facial rejuvenation. Neuromodulators like Botox are but one of the many tools available, and based on each patient's needs, goals, and medical history, Dr. Bass will determine which solutions will maximize correction. 

You Deserve The Best: Trust Dr. Bass’ Leadership In Facial Rejuvenation 

Dr. Bass has centered his over two-decades long career on facial rejuvenation. He is recognized among his peers as an innovator and an expert in the field. Additionally, Dr. Bass has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and has been specifically trained in the appropriate use of Botox and other neuromodulators. His novel 360-degree approach to facial rejuvenation, known as The Power Of One™, helps patients achieve and maintain the best versions of themselves. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation today.

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The more knowledge you have about aesthetic treatments, the more empowered you’ll be. Listen to Dr. Bass explain more about neuromodulators, or relaxers, as he calls them, in this episode of his podcast Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class.

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