What Is MyEllevate Neck Contouring?

A first of its kind, MyEllevate is a minimally invasive procedure that sharpens the neck and jawline contours, producing a more youthful appearance. With little to no downtime, results are long-lasting and look completely natural.

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Candidates For MyEllevate

This advanced procedure was designed for patients who are bothered enough to seek  an aesthetic correction, but do not yet require or desire a surgical necklift. If you want a smoother neck and jawline without the recovery and downtime required by a facelift or neck lift,  MyEllevate could make a difference in your life.

MyEllevate is an excellent option for those who are starting to show signs of skin laxity and aging in their neck and jawline, as well as those who already have moderate platysmal banding, or fat in the neck and under the jawline. For the procedure to be effective, skin laxity or sagging must be minimal. 

Efficient, Effective, No Open Surgery

Jawline rejuvenation with MyEllevate is a simple hour-long procedure that only requires local anesthesia. First, a series of small markings are placed underneath the jawline and behind the ear. Then, needle punctures are made at each marked point.  Next, a diluted local anesthesia is administered in the neck and jawline area.

Dr. Bass then uses a fiberoptic rod and suture to divide platysmal banding and to suspend the area under the jawline and chin. Depending on the associated findings in the neck, liposuction of the neck and jaw or energy-based skin-tightening solutions may be employed for additional correction. 

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Surgical VS. Non-Surgical Neck Correction

A facelift/neck lift is the most complete face and neck correction available for patients who have significant skin laxity (sagging or hanging skin, jowling).  For patients with changes to the jawline and neck but who still only have minimal skin laxity, MyEllevate can be an effective solution when administered at the right time.

MyEllevate does not require lengthy incisions, and it can be performed in an hour under local anesthesia.  Because there is no skin removal, patients with significant skin laxity are not candidates for this approach. Results are visible immediately after the session. Bruising and swelling are minimal, and most patients can return to normal life in just a few days.

Minimal Recovery.  Maximum Convenience.

After your MyEllevate session, mild swelling or bruising is normal and should subside within the first week. Patients are free to return to regular activities as soon as they feel comfortable. However, you will wear a compression garment for a few days and a support brace for the first week and a half.  Dr. Bass may place some restrictions on physical exercise or lifting in the first two weeks. Each patient receives a detailed aftercare plan and will return to the clinic for follow-up visits so Dr. Bass can monitor healing.

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Results You’ll Love

Patients should expect a rapid healing process. There will be a noticeable improvement in the neck area right after the MyEllevate procedure, and results will be even more pronounced after the swelling abates. The neck area will have a sharper angle between the horizontal area under the jawline and the vertical portion of the neck, and the contour of the jawline will be more clearly defined. Most patients report that MyEllevate takes years off their appearance.

Innovator, Expert, Educator

Dr. Bass is an innovator in aesthetic plastic surgery. He has also conducted extensive research in this area and is often consulted  to help develop or test the efficacy of new procedures. In addition to his deep knowledge of facial aesthetic procedures, he has nearly three decades of experience in private practice. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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