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Any discussion of facial rejuvenation must, by necessity, have a focus on the facelift which remains the pinnacle of restoration for facial aging. The procedure must be technically outstanding and state-of-the-art, artistically executed. The surgeon must individualize the procedure to the facial features of the individual patient and time it appropriately for the physical degree of aging and the individual’s degree of concern over these changes.

As one of New York City’s established leaders in facelifts, Dr. Bass’s singular approach aims to provide the most complete and long-lasting facial rejuvenation possible while always prioritizing a completely natural look. With a patient roster built almost exclusively by quietly whispered referral, Dr. Lawrence Bass is the name trusted among those seeking discretion, delicate transformation, and credentials that speak for themselves.

Before The Facelift: The Role Of A Multi-Modality Approach

Facial rejuvenation is a process, not an event.  A multi-modality approach to prevention and maintenance during early stages of aging create the optimal, youthful appearance and help delay the need for bigger interventions.  Starting early avoids the need to transition to facelift and other surgical and recovery-based interventions years and sometimes a decade or more before necessary. 

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Facelift Planning & Timing

The facelift remains the ultimate intervention in the aging appearance of the face.  To look your best, a facelift is still the only meaningful way to address significant laxity in the face and neck.  Timing differs from individual to individual based on lifestyle, genetics and other treatments and procedures previously utilized.  The point at which someone feels ready to undergo the procedure is yet another consideration.  Dr. Bass offers a full spectrum of surgical, non-surgical and microinvasive options and will recommend a facelift when appropriate and not a moment before.  The broad range of options available ensures that an appropriate and workable option is there for you. 

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When you and Dr. Bass agree that the time is right, his career-long focus on the facelift will work to your advantage.  Skin laxity is tailored out of the face, restoring the sharpness and beauty of the jawline.  Your facelift will minimize excess fullness in the jowl and hanging skin and banding in the neck.  Like reminiscing over memories in a photo album, your own youthful face is again revealed.  Importantly, the facelift is also a shaping operation that restores deeper tissues to the position they occupied in youth, helping to restore a youthful facial shape.  

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After The Facelift: Restoration And Maintenance Continue

Offering full correction to many aging concerns, after your facelift, many treatments will not be required for years to come.  To maintain and enhance your transformation, an ongoing beauty plan that complements your facelift is ideal.  The focus is on issues unrelated to the laxity and shape features that are addressed by the facelift.  Neuromodulator treatments, conservative and discerning use of fillers, and in particular, treatments for skin quality and skin surface features like wrinkles and age spots are still part of the process of maintaining a youthful appearance.

The Expert Opinion: Crafting Your Ultimate Beauty Plan

Decades of experience have taught Dr. Bass that in order for substantial facial restoration to endure, sustained maintenance using a variety of surgical, non-surgical and microinvasive options is a must. Pursuing facial cosmetic surgery is daunting for many. The most discerning patients demand an expert with top-tier training, surgical prowess, and compassion.

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Credentials Count: Trust In An Innovator, Educator, & Pioneer

Dr. Bass completed undergraduate and medical studies at Cornell and Columbia, respectively, and trained under the foremost  plastic surgeons of the time during his plastic surgery residency at NYU Medical Center and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. In addition to his exceptional education, he has spent his career developing plastic surgery techniques utilized heavily by surgeons today. Dr. Bass holds a faculty position as a professor to residents and is an instructor to practicing surgeons through continuing medical education programs.

Dr. Bass also continues to be at the forefront of new  plastic surgery advancements and research of non-surgical techniques. His expertise is so highly regarded that he is regularly consulted by others in the industry to help with product development and serve as an investigator in clinical research studies for FDA approval of new products.  Media outlets like the New York Times, CNN, and Allure magazine also periodically seek his expertise as an authority on plastic surgery. 

The Facelift Process At A Glance 

A thorough understanding of patient needs and medical history is the first step. Dr. Bass conducts in-depth consultations with each patient, carefully and empathetically listening to their aesthetic goals. A self-proclaimed realist, Dr. Bass will then compose a comprehensive and pragmatic beauty plan that will allow the patient to look  years younger. 

Dr. Bass approaches each facial rejuvenation as an opportunity to help a patient highlight their existing strengths, so they look like the best version of themselves. He does not chase trends and will not pursue a procedure unless he is confident that the patient’s goals are achievable.

Beauty Intelligence Means An Integrated Plan

The advantage of facial rejuvenation with Dr. Bass is the full-service, integrated care each patient receives. Based on the information gathered in the consultation, Dr. Bass will formulate a care plan that encompasses skincare treatments, surgical procedures, energy based treatments and injectable treatments. The purpose of the roadmap is to ensure patients a natural-looking, beautiful appearance that lasts long term, without the burden of organizing services with many providers of unknown quality.

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Couture, Concierge Care

Care and consideration are paramount at Bass Plastic Surgery. With impossibly personal attention at the heart of our patient experience, our dedicated staff coordinates every aspect of a patient’s facial rejuvenation plan, making the process seamless and straightforward. A discreet, understated retreat from the everyday, our clinics on Park Avenue in Manhattan and in Great Neck, have been designed to be comfortable, tranquil and inviting. 

In addition to a warm atmosphere, we maintain top quality, accredited surgical facilities and utilize only the most advanced aesthetic medical devices. Our offices and highly trained staff are equipped to provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Call our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bass.

Dr. Bass Dispels Misconceptions About The Facelift

Dr. Bass created the Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class Podcast to make the world of aesthetic plastic surgery accessible to more people. In this episode, he demystifies the facelift by exploring its history and describing how modern facelifts are performed.  Be sure to listen to all the episodes relating to facelifts for a comprehensive education on the topic.

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