Beautiful Versatility: The Multifaceted Role Of Injectable Fillers 

Injectable fillers are the second most common non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the nation after neuromodulators like Botox. When choosing a provider, understand that significant skill and experience are necessary to achieve great results. When applied properly, dermal fillers in NYC & Great Neck can address typical early aging changes and restore volume as aging advances, which in conjunction with a multimodality facial rejuvenation program can help you look your best for longer. They also help address what surgery can’t for a more complete correction in older patients who have undergone a facelift.

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Injectable Fillers At A Glance

As more facial fillers become available, they are each increasingly designed to correct a particular indication or aesthetic concern. Fillers were initially used to fill folds and creases.  Next generation products are specifically formulated for lip, chin, jawline and cheek augmentation and other applications to add volume to the face.  Most recently, superficial filler products have become available to treat fine lines and fixed wrinkles.  

As people age, their skin naturally loses collagen and elastin. Fat under the skin also thins creating an accelerating pattern of volume loss and sagging skin. Injectable dermal fillers contribute to firming the structure within the skin and under it, slowing these effects to an extent. Certain dermal fillers in particular help stimulate more robust replacement collagen after treatment along with their volumizing effects.  

A Multitude Of Filler Options 

You deserve the best.  While many clinicians may only have experience with one or a few injectable fillers, Dr. Bass is well-versed in the spectrum of safe, FDA-approved facial fillers in NYC & Great Neck.  These include: 

  • The Restylane Family of Fillers
  • The Juvederm Family of Fillers
  • The RHA Family of Fillers
  • Belotero

These are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers.  HA is the ground substance material found in our skin and connective tissue which also diminishes along with collagen and elastin as we age.  Different fillers in each group are best suited for more superficial smoothing applications or deeper shaping/volumizing applications.

  • Radiesse – A unique filler made of hydroxylapatite with good shaping and volumizing capabilities.  Significant collagen stimulation accompanies placement of this filler.  
  • Sculptra –A synthetic carbohydrate polymer that stimulates collagen production, support and facial volume when injected.  
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Natural Above All: Dispelling The Myth Of Injectable Fillers

Many fear injectable facial fillers because they’ve witnessed people with misapplied fillers whose faces look puffy or swollen. When performed by an experienced professional, results are always natural. Less is truly more when it comes to fillers, and a skilled hand will ensure that just enough product is used to maintain the patient’s desired look.

The effects of injectable dermal fillers are immediately visible. However, beauty is a process of avoiding a jarring overnight transformation, and Dr. Bass counsels his patients about working towards goals in a stepwise fashion. The secret to a sustained youthful look is prevention, maintenance, and restoration as needed.

No Downtime, Minimal Recovery

Facial fillers are microinvasive and generally require no downtime. Many patients continue with their day as usual after treatment. Mild bruising, swelling, or redness can occur, though this typically resolves after a few days. 

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Who Are Injectable Fillers Right For? 

Those who would like to add volume to their face to correct lines, creases or loss of facial projection are candidates for injectable fillers. Fillers may also be suitable for those looking to restore or augment the shape of the chin, cheek, jawline or lips. Fillers are also used for ‘Prejuvenation.’ 

Prejuvenation is a proactive approach that uses fillers in areas prone to volume loss before extensive volume loss and creasing or shape flattening form. Dr. Bass incorporates injectable fillers into the comprehensive beauty plans of many of his patients. During the consultation, he listens to each patient’s goals and discerns if fillers are needed.  

There Is No Substitute For Experience

It is critical to find a highly-trained provider like Dr. Bass to administer injectable fillers. Not only should the provider readily cater to your specific needs, but they ought to be well-versed in facial anatomy and knowledgeable about what corrective measures to take if the application of the filler goes wrong. Dr. Bass has been practicing for over two decades, and has focused his career on facial rejuvenation. Contact Bass Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. 

The Expert Opinion: Learn Even More About Injectable Fillers

Knowledge is fundamental when searching for an aesthetic facial rejuvenation practice that will deliver great, natural results. Dr. Bass created a podcast called the Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class Podcast to help prospective patients learn about the intricacies of different aesthetic solutions. In this episode, he discusses ways that injectables can delay signs of aging.

Listen to the Podcast

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