Mask Face Botox

While watching TV commercials for mascara, I realized we don’t see many for lipstick right now.  What’s the point.  It just ruins your mask and no one sees it anyway.  My office manager said much the same to me a month ago.  I’ve said many times to patients over the past few weeks that all we can show now is our eyes and brows.  This has been true in many parts of the world since before any of us were alive.  Enhancements to maximize the beauty of the eyes or brows have always been practiced.

Thinking about that, I realized that I’ve been fine-tuning my treatments with Botox since reopening after quarantine.  I never want the forehead or eyes completely adynamic, producing a mask-like look.  I have always been determined to produce a natural animated look.  I realized in the COVID-19 era when we’re all wearing masks, smoothing out wrinkles in the forehead and crow’s feet is still essential but expression in the pper face has to fill in for what we can’t show underneath our masks.  Before, mild motion in the upper face just had to confirm what the lower face was expressing.  Now, the upper face is the whole show.  I realized my Botox treatments in the COVID era have become a bit more nuanced to allow just the right amount of motion to show a full range of emotions while continuing to minimize wrinkles.  There’s always a compromise there but to a surprisingly good degree it’s the best of both worlds.

Botox (TM) and other BonTA’s, like Dysport (TM) and Xeomin (TM) remain the most popular aesthetic treatments for a good reason.  Applied by an expert, they make you look rested, healthy and smoother -like you the way you looked a decade back (hopefully).  People love they way the look after the treatment and so quick and easy to do -you don’t even need to remove your mask.  Looking your best now is relevant whether you are starting to get out and about again, facing colleagues and friends by Zoom or just want to do something to feel great about your appearance for yourself at home.

Nuance, balance and artistry are essential in all aesthetic treatments.  During my entire career, I have performed clinical studies, developed techniques and taught others how to obtain artistic results.  It’s about the experience and commitment to provide treatments to help you look your best -even with a mask on.

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